About Us

Our Philosophy

We are a school of yoga.

To us, yoga is defined as complete self-care, and at the core of Urban Ashram Yoga is the motivation to care for you. As teachers, we help students realise their own potential through purposeful experiences that fuse joyful learning with progressive practices.

Through our doors you’ll find yourself surrounded by the most nurturing and skilled instructors with diverse backgrounds. Since 2011 we’ve seen beginners evolve into masters of their own practices; students who have chosen to become teachers. The history that Urban Ashram Yoga holds is represented by our experience in developing an understanding of the human body and cultivating mindful habits within our students. We believe that the power to heal is within you.

We thrive on an inclusive community that balances personal growth with group learning to support the development of strength, flexibility and alignment in all students regardless of age or experience. Urban Ashram Yoga guides students to a deeper practice in an educational and transformative environment that both nurtures and challenges.


Our Space

Urban Ashram Yoga can be found in two locations; Pasig and BGC. We pride ourselves on providing a welcoming, comfortable environment that nurtures your yoga practice. Pristine and of world class standard, Urban Ashram Yoga Studios are soundproofed and equipped with hardwood sprung floors, high ceilings, skylights and windows that provide a serene, distraction free experience. Both studios have complete shower, toilet and locker facilities with shampoo and soap amenities and towel rentals for your convenience.

In line with the yogic principle of Ahimsa—choosing the path of least harm—all Urban Ashram Yoga studios are designed, constructed, and operated with the surrounding environment in mind. Our studios are located in developing communities, making our facilities accessible and approachable to all. We are also considered a green yoga studio, as our buildings were completed using recycled materials and sustainable building practices.

Our Menarco location is a Gold LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) building.



Our Teaching

Yoga is for you, about you.

We believe that an understanding of the body translates to true overall health in the mind, body and spirit, which is why education of the individual is at the forefront of everything we do. All Urban Ashram Yoga Instructors have been trained to world class standards, have completed internationally-recognised trainings and certifications in order to create a safe and inclusive space for students of all abilities to explore and develop their potential. Urban Ashram instructors are extremely knowledgeable and support safe, progressive yoga education that is both enlightening and approachable.