Terms and Conditions

Yoga ABC
Beginner Friendly

A multi-level Vinyasa based class that integrates multi-sensory and the 3 motor-stage principles and techniques for a more effective learning and discerning experience for students.

Stress-Free Gentle Flow (SFGF)
Beginner Friendly

A milder class that focuses on gentle movement, our Stress-Free Gentle Flow (SFGF) class is ideal for people seeking stress relief, those looking for a break from vigorous classes, older adults, and those recovering from injuries.

Beginner Friendly

This class focuses on triggering the “rest and digest” response by slowing down the body to allow it to calm down, heal, and recover. Recommended for everyone.

Pranayama and Meditation
Beginner Friendly

Pranayama and Meditation is a 30-minute class that teaches basic breathing techniques to bring awareness to the body, strengthen the lungs and core, and cultivate feelings of calmness. This class is also a gateway to a meditation practice.

Beginner Friendly

A much-needed counterbalance to Power or Vinyasa styles, Yin opens the body and mind through longer, passive postures that apply gentle stress to joint tissues via body weight and gravity.

Flexibility-Not-Required (FNR)
Beginner friendly

FNR is a beginner friendly yoga foundations class designed to build your strength and improve body awareness to move intelligently into different poses. It is recommended for beginners and those who wish to refine their practice.

FNR Athletics
Beginner friendly

FNR (Flexibility Not Required) Athletics expands on principles explored in FNR, and prepares the student to handle more complex work by balancing strength and range of motion. FNR Athletics is perfect for beginners, recommended as cross-training for athletes, and excellent for students looking to transition from FNR to Vinyasa.

Beginner Friendly

Kundalini consists of simple exercises in combination with breathing techniques, mantra, and meditation. Open to all students and recommended to those who wish to find mental stability and clarity alongside their physical practice.

Vinyasa (Open, L1, L2/L3)
Intermediate to Advanced

Urban Ashram Vinyasa classes are built around sun salutations with poses sequenced in a thoughtful and creative order. Vinyasa is recommended for students who have been practicing yoga for at least 6 months. Open Level, Level 1 and Level 2/3 classes available.

Birthlight Prenatal Care
Beginner Friendly

This class supports the mother as she goes through changes that comes with pregnancy by allowing her to connect with her body and her baby while keeping fit, strong, and relaxed. Recommended for all expectant mothers whether or not they have practiced yoga previously.

Birthlight Postnatal Care with Babies
Beginner Friendly

This is an enjoyable class for moms 4-6 weeks after birth; it helps close the body after delivery and uses movements that may help with post baby blues. This class facilitates bonding between babies and moms and supports breastfeeding. Babies welcome!

Kids Yoga

Kids Yoga is a fun way for children to build confidence, develop physical coordination, and learn relevant skills in a non-competitive environment. This class caters to children 3-12 years old.